The real reason Father Christmas wears red and white

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Eating KFC at Christmas is very popular in Japan - even in the air A curious ritual takes place each year in Japan. "Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakkii" - or "Kentucky for Christmas", is the habit of eating Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) on 24 December. It began as an inspired…

How one man's eureka moment earns Disney $3bn a year

Image copyright Fender Image caption Andy Mooney's career has taken him from a small town in Scotland to running US guitar company Fender, after time with both Nike and Disney The BBC's weekly The Boss series profiles a different business leader from around the world. This week we speak to Andy Mooney, chief executive of…

'Super Saturday' fails to boost retailers

Image copyright Getty Images The so-called "Super Saturday" before Christmas saw an incremental boost in shoppers, according to latest data from retail experts Springboard.High Street footfall rose by 1% on last year, and was up 6.9% on the previous Saturday, figures show.However, overall footfall still declined by 0.7% on last year."It was a bit of…

'It hasn't been good enough'

"It hasn't been good enough," the managing director of Northern Rail admits. David Brown tells Tom Burridge what he's doing to get the timetable back on track and more trains on the line.

Northern Rail: The most cancelled rail line in the UK?

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionDavid Brown on what he's doing to get the timetable back on track.Is the Ormskirk to Preston line the worst railway in the UK?Since the timetable changes in May, more than 2,000 services have been cancelled between the two destinations in north west England, a figure that…

Does the EU need us more than we need them?

Image copyright Getty Images "They need us more than we need them," has been a recurrent theme in the Brexit debate. After the referendum, the idea has been used to suggest the government could have taken a tougher line in the negotiations over the terms of the UK's departure from the European Union. Before the…