The dos and don'ts of getting a pay rise

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption You want - how much? How much are you worth? Or rather - is the answer to that question equal to the sum paid into your bank account by your employer?If not then you need to ask for more, and that means you have to negotiate with the person…

How the doughnut became a million dollar idea

Every country has a version of the doughnut. The Netherlands has the olykoek. France has the beignet. But only in America did people think of turning out doughnuts on an industrial scale and selling them through giant corporations. Here's Aaron Heslehurst with another million dollar idea...Video Journalist: Jeremy Howell

Crossrail costs will continue to climb, MPs say

Image copyright Getty Images London's Crossrail project will probably go even further over budget, according to a report by MPs.Commuters have been "let down" by a programme that is well behind schedule, the Public Accounts Committee said.MPs said they were "sceptical" about the Department for Transport's "ability to oversee major rail projects".In response, the Department…

Philip Hammond plans to quit if Johnson becomes PM

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionPhilip Hammond: 'All the polling suggest Boris Johnson will win... and I am making my plans accordingly'Philip Hammond has told the BBC he intends to resign as chancellor if Boris Johnson becomes the UK's next PM. He said a no-deal Brexit, something Mr Johnson has left open…

Renters may get access to rogue landlord database

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The proposal would allow renters in England to check up on their prospective landlord A database of rogue landlords would be opened up to prospective tenants under government plans.The Rogue Landlords Database was launched in 2018 and only has ten names on it so far.It includes those who have…

NDAs: New laws to crack down on 'gagging' clauses

Image copyright Getty Images The government says it will crack down on the use of workplace "gagging clauses" to cover up allegations of harassment, discrimination and assault.Many businesses use non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect commercially-sensitive information. But bosses have been accused in high profile cases of using the clauses to silence victims of workplace abuse.…