How Eid and Ramadan affect business in Mombasa's markets

As Muslims celebrate Eid, we look at how businesses in the coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya fared during the month of Ramadan. Reporter Gloria Achieng takes a tour of Marikiti market and discovers the foods that were of significance during the holy month. Video Journalists: Gloria Achieng and Njoroge Muigai.

‘Take baby steps to world domination’

International success was always on Cara Sayer's mind when she started her pram shade business. However, she was overwhelmed by how quickly it grew - and had a breakdown.Yet that was a turning point and helped her reassess. Now she advises others to take things at their own pace, perfecting one thing at a time.Video…

Superdry founder promises revival after £85m loss

Image caption Julian Dunkerton co-founded Superdry in 2003 Superdry founder Julian Dunkerton says he is trying to "steady the ship" after the fashion retailer reported an £85m annual loss.Mr Dunkerton returned to the firm in April, after a lengthy campaign against the previous management, who he said had a "misguided" strategy.As well as reporting a…

Arriva sues government over East Midlands franchise

Rail giant Arriva is suing the government after it lost its bid to run the East Midlands railway franchise.The firm, owned by Germany's state-backed Deutsche Bahn, said it wanted more information on how the Department for Transport assessed the bids.The move comes after rival Stagecoach, which was banned from rebidding, announced it was taking legal…

Why is building so slow and expensive?

While other industries have become vastly more efficient, construction has lagged behind. Now forward-thinking builders are looking at the ways technology can help.This is part of the BBC's Disruptors series. You can read the full article here.Infographic: Zoe Bartholomew; Reporter: Ben King

England flooding: Why insurance may not cover damage

Image caption Pam Webb has been left with damage to her home and business As a business owner, it is the worst kind of double-whammy - first flood waters pour through the premises, and then the insurance does not cover the cost of starting over again.Pam Webb told the BBC that her spa in Fishlake,…