Luton-based Monarch Aircraft Engineering falls into administration

Image copyright MAEL Image caption Monarch Aircraft Engineering Limited was established in 1967 and was based at London Luton Airport The engineering arm of collapsed airline Monarch has gone bust with the loss of 408 jobs.Monarch Aircraft Engineering Limited (MAEL) is "unsustainable in its present form", administrators KPMG said. Attempts to restructure the firm -…

More credit unions failing but membership growing

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption It's hoped that credit unions can provide an alternative to high-cost lenders Nine credit unions went bust last year, the highest number of collapses since 2010 when 10 went into default. It brings the total that have gone under in the past decade to 73.Despite this, the number of…

The car with a 'split personality'

Video What might cars of the future look like? Theo Leggett takes a drive in a new electric concept car from French brand DS.

Juul: The rise of a $38bn e-cigarette phenomenon

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Juul has experienced explosive growth - but will it continue? Juul has all the qualities of a standard Silicon Valley success - fat profit margins, explosive growth, and even the cultural cachet to make its name a verb.But the three-year-old start-up is not a simple technology company: it sells addictive…

US jobs growth jumps in December

Image copyright Reuters Image caption US companies went on a hiring spree in December The US economy created many more jobs than expected in December, according to the latest government data.Employers added 312,000 jobs, far ahead of predictions of 177,000, the Labor Department said.The unemployment rate nudged higher to 3.9%, but is still near historic…

China's economic slowdown: How worried should we be?

Image copyright Reuters Image caption The sign says "new era in China", but will it be a welcome one? The cracks in China's economy appear to be widening, with signs of weakening growth amid a background of trade tensions. Adding to the worries, China's stock market was the world's worst performer last year, ending with…