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Grey 2 White Initiative


Many enterprises in emerging economies are greatly undervalued because of Western governments make it difficult for Western banks, investors, and counterparties to do business with companies that are, among other things:
– Owned by politically exposed persons;
– Are opaque with respect to their original sources of funding;
– Affected by negative publicity and allegations against founders
– Operate in jurisdictions with a heightened risk of corruption; and
– May have regulatory issues in their home countries related to tax and currency compliance.
– Owners of these enterprises are also often viewed with suspicion:
– An opacity of their businesses makes Westerners suspicious about their business bona fides,
– Is their success the result of business acumen or corruption?
– They may be government officials or their relatives;
– They may have been subject to political or business allegations negatively impacting their reputation
– They may have checkered regulatory histories;
– They may be subject to sanctions or suspected of foreign policy violations.
G2W Solution

Bring enterprise to highest standards of transparency and professionalism by:
– Conducting a thorough review of all potential issues
• Akin to a thorough internal investigation;
• Subject to applicable attorney-client privilege.
– Placing the enterprise on the path to clean, transparent operation;
– Developing adequate disclosures to avoid future problems.
– Offer the enterprise political risk mitigation options to protect against corporate raidership, as well as from outright or creeping expropriation